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The team at Gardi & Haught Personal Injury AttorneysWe have experienced, dedicated Chicago personal injury attorneys and staff, who will work hard to get you all the cash and benefits you deserve for your injuries. Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation with insurance companies for being aggressive and fighting for the rights of our clients. We are there for you every step of the way.

We will meet with you where and when it’s convenient for you and ensure that you understand what legal options you have available. You’ll feel comfortable knowing our Chicago accident injury lawyers are working for you. There is no fee unless we win your case. You can trust Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys just as thousands of other accident victims have trusted us.

Our practice has come a long way since the beginning, but it has only gotten stronger. Here, find out more about our personal injury law firm in Chicago, including our core values, our law firm’s history, and other details about our practice.

We treat our clients as individuals and invite them to do the same for us. Our bio pages offer a look inside the personal lives, professional backgrounds, and interests of the attorneys and staff at Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys. Meet the people who will be fighting on your behalf, here.


Hiten Gardi, Personal Injury Attorney Chicago


Married with two young children and residing in the Northwest Suburbs, Hiten Gardi strives to benefit the community through many personal and professional organizations.


He attended Loyola University where he received his undergraduate degree in Finance. Following in his family tradition he decided to pursue a legal career and attended John Marshall Law School. Wanting to further concentrate on a type of Law he again attended John Marshall Law School and attained a Masters Degree in Law in Real Estate, an L.L.M in 2001.

Community & Professional Experience

After graduating law school, Hiten worked at a boutique firm specializing in Real Estate Law. There he gained a significant amount of knowledge of Real Estate Law and the thirst for further education. In 2002, Hiten went back to school and pursued an LLM in Real Estate Law (Masters). With the knowledge gained during private practice and his further education, Hiten set himself apart from the field with a rare combination of experience, knowledge and higher education. In 2004, Hiten took on the challenge, with these tools, to start his own law firm. Since then, Hiten has represented thousands of clients from the purchase and/or sale of their property to large commercial investments.

Hiten has also represented Temples, Churches and non-for-profit organizations pro-bono. His family comes from a background full of philanthropic work and he wishes to continue on that path. He has also donated his time for free legal advice to the elderly as well as donating funds to further a groups cause.

Given this extensive background and his drive for a successful outcome for his client, Hiten will make your transaction smooth and painless.


Thomas Haught, Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys


Thomas Haught lives in the western suburbs and received his undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University.


His undergraduate degree is from Southern Illinois University. While attending John Marshall Law School he received a CALI award for superior knowledge and understanding of Tort Law. Since graduating from law school in June of 1999


Tom has practiced civil litigation for more than 16 years. He has tried cases that range from simple business disputes and personal injuries to medical malpractice and wrongful death. However, most civil cases settle before trial and Mr. Haught is experienced in arbitrations and mediations, which are common methods that litigants often use to come to amicable settlements. Tom believes that diligent preparation, from pre-case filing, drafting of pleadings, motion practice and all the way through trial is the best way to achieve the maximum result for the client. He likes to see each of his cases from every angle, which helps him deal with every possible scenario that may arise during the litigation.

Tom is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and is admitted to practice law in both State and Federal courts in Illinois.


Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Ann Fischer


Ann Fischer joined Gardi & Haught in 2008. Ann Fischer has been made a Partner at Gardi & Haught, Ltd. on January 1, 2017. Ann has exceled in her legal career and for the last eight years has been a top attorney in Real Estate Law, Immigration Law, and Family Law. As a partner, Ann will bring a wealth of legal experience to the firm as well as manage and take leadership roles with the entire staff from day to day activities to being a marketing liaison.


Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and she is a graduate of The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois.


Ann focuses her practices in a few different areas. One area that Ann concentrates her practice in is immigration. She guides her clients through the legal maze involved in immigrating to the United States for US citizen residence’s and Lawful Permanent Resident’s family members to visit or move to the United States. Additionally she works with employers and employees to obtain work authorization documents and employment visas.

Ann also practices in the area of estate planning. She uses her expertise to advise her clients in what estate planning devises are available to them that will best help them achieve their succession planning goals. Ann works on all ends of the spectrum, from drafting simple wills to preparing irrevocable trusts.

Another area of law that Ann focuses her practices is family law. Family law includes such matters as custody litigation, divorce, adoption and child support issues. Ann understands that family matters are very emotional for clients and she provides the legal guidance and support to make the process proceed as smoothly as possible.

Michael DeSantis, Chicago Attorney At Law


His practice primarily focuses on representing landlord and tenants in disputes. Specifically, Michael is experienced in handling evictions as well as, matters involving violations of the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO).


Michael DeSantis received his undergraduate degree from Northern Illinois University and his Juris Doctor Degree from The John Marshall Law School.

Community & Professional Experience

Michael started practicing in 2014, immediately concentrating in Civil Litigation. Michael joined Gardi and Haught, Ltd. in 2015 to focus primarily in the area of Landlord/Tenant Law and Real Estate. He passionately advocates for his clients, representing both Tenants and Landlords. Michael is also a volunteer pro bono attorney with the Lawyer’s Committee for Better Housing (LCBH), an organization that provides free legal assistance to low and moderate-income renters facing eviction and other serious housing issues. He understands that not everyone can afford legal assistance and participating in a pro bono program helps provide legal representation regardless of a person’s financial situation.

In addition to his Landlord/Tenant practice, Michael also focuses in Real Estate Law. He represents both Purchasers and Sellers of real property transactions. Knowing that the purchase or sale of property can be a stressful time Michael aims to make the process go as smoothly as possible for each and every client. He will keep you thoroughly informed, so you feel comfortable each step of the way knowing your transaction is in good hands.

Parag Bhosale, Chicago Accident Injury Attorney


For over 15 years Parag has been advocating for the rights of those injured due to negligence as well as those injured on the job. With over 30 jury verdicts to his name, he has successfully recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

Parag joined Gardi & Haught in 2016 after spending 8 years as the head of the workers’ compensation at a top Chicago Loop injury firm. He brings his wealth of experience and contacts to Schaumburg, but continues to litigate cases downtown.

Some of Parag’s recent representative awards and settlements include:

  • A $2,000,000 combined settlement for two non-union laborers who were injured when bricks fell on them while they were working at a demolition worksite. One suffered a neck injury requiring a fusion surgery and the other underwent shoulder surgery.
  • A $400,000 workers’ compensation trial award for a plumbing piece assembler who injured her neck while working with a wrench. Her employer refused to provide her any benefits even after she had two major neck surgeries. This case was appealed all the way to the Illinois Appellate Court, with the Plaintiff being victorious at every stage.
  • A $305,000 settlement for a union carpenter who suffered a low back injury while lifting a cabinet. Parag was able to secure this settlement despite the employee suffering a unrelated back injury just one month before his injury at work.
  • A $200,000 settlement for a 67-year-old man that slipped and fell on a strawberry that was on the floor of a grocery store. He sustained a fractured kneecap but recovered 100% within a year of his accident.
  • A $133,000 jury trial verdict against the City of Chicago for a 66-year-old woman who tripped and fell in a plaza near a CTA train station, sustaining a fractured thigh bone. The City made no settlement offer prior to the verdict.
  • A $131,500 arbitration award for a 63-year-old woman who was struck by a car while crossing the street. She sustained a neck injury that did not require surgery

Parag makes his home in the Northwest Suburbs with his wife and two children.


Parag graduated with honors in 2002 from the University of Miami School of Law. He earned his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied Political Science, Business, and Spanish.

Community & Professional Experience

Throughout his legal career, Parag has fought for the rights of those wrongfully injured at work and by the negligence of others. With over 30 jury trial verdicts, he has the experience that many attorneys claim but only few actually have.

In addition to his jury trial experience, Parag has been successfully argued cases in Federal Court as well as the 1st and 2nd District Appellate Courts of Illinois. Parag handles cases in Cook, Lake, Will, DuPage, and Kane Counties.

Parag has been named as an “Emerging Lawyer” by Leading Lawyers, an honor bestowed upon the top 2% of attorneys in Illinois. He routinely lectures before other attorneys, physicians, nurses, and union members at continuing education seminars and meetings. He also volunteers his time teaching inner-city youths through the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Chicago. He has served as a Vice President with the South Asian Bar Association of Chicago and is an active member of the Illinois Trial Lawyer Association.

Earl Roloff, Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers


Earl J. Roloff has been practicing real estate law since he opened his doors in 1979 and is known throughout the industry as one of the areas top real estate attorneys. He serves Chicagoland with residential real estate transactions, traditional closings, title searches, purchase and sale agreements as well as property disputes. He also has specific knowledge in counseling clients with 1031 Starker exchanges.

Martin Lascola, Chicago Attorney At Law


Martin is an experienced trial attorney with a broad base of experience in all aspects of criminal defense. Martin Lascola is Of Counsel to the Gardi & Haught, Ltd. Entering his fourteenth year of practice, he began his career as a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney under former Cook County State’s Attorney, Richard Devine.


Martin LaScola attended Marquette University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and Philosophy before attending the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois.

Community & Professional Experience

During his nearly 5 years as a State’s Attorney, Mr. LaScola prosecuted thousands of cases ranging from simple misdemeanor offenses to the most serious felony crimes. With a tremendous amount of trial experience under his belt, Mr. LaScola entered private practice in 2004, and over his career has taken hundreds of cases to trial and pre-trial hearing both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, and has successfully managed thousands of traffic and criminal files in that span of time. With a tremendous rate of success at trial, Martin brings this wealth of experience to you.

Mr. LaScola is well versed in all aspects of the criminal process often achieving successful negotiations with the opposition when a case is not recommended for trial. Mr. LaScola will work extremely hard to achieve the best outcome possible. Diligent and aggressive, you can trust that Mr. LaScola has explored every possible outcome and prepare you with all the necessary information before making any important decision in your case.

Mr. LaScola is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, is admitted to practice law in the State courts throughout Illinois as well as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Martin is recognized on AVVO as a featured attorney with a rating of Excellent.

November 2011 – Second Municipal District Courthouse (Cook County) – Charge: DUI – People v. W.D.

Client charged by the Skokie Police Department with DUI. Due to his refusal to submit to breath testing he faced a 12 month license suspension. Mr. LaScola filed a challenge to the suspension early and when the first court date arrived, the Officer was not available. Because of the early filing, the State ran out of time for a continuance and the suspension was removed by Order of Court. Mr. LaScola took this case to trial, arguing that Defendant’s obesity was the primary cause of the Defendant’s failure of the administered field sobriety tests. The Judge agreed, and a Finding of NOT GUILTY was entered on the DUI!! Defendant was fined $35.00 + court costs and received Court Supervision on a seat belt violation.

November 2011 – Lake County Illinois – Felony Preliminary Hearing Court – Charge: Aggravated Driving on Revoked License – People v. B.C.

Client charged with Aggravated Driving on Revoked License. Defendant faced imprisonment and possible loss of custody of his children. After successful negotiations with the prosecutors, and presentation of mitigating information, urged the State to amend the charge to a petty traffic offense of “Failure to carry license on person” and had a $100.00 fine + costs only. Defendant was able to continue on with his quest to regain his IL Driver’s License and not be delayed a year from re-application. He kept his job, maintained custody of his children, and today is driving on a valid driving permit. He will soon regain his full privileges back with a newly issued Illinois Driver’s License.

October 2011 – Second Municipal District Courthouse (Cook County)– Charge: DUI – People v. M.D.

Prominent North Shore businessman charged with DUI for the second time. Facing suspension of privileges and a revocation of his license if convicted, Mr. LaScola tested the waters and challenged the impending license suspension at hearing. Mr. LaScola cross-examined the officer and sized up the credibility of the officer should the case proceed to trial. Mr. LaScola successfully dismantled the State’s case at this hearing causing the Judge to make a finding that “No Reasonable Grounds” existed for the DUI arrest. Armed with this ruling, Mr. LaScola set the case for trial. On the date of trial, the State considered the prior ruling of the Court and agreed to dismiss the DUI. A fine + costs only was negotiated on the accompanying speeding violation and all other charges were DISMISSED!

November 2012 – Lake County, Illinois – Traffic Division courthouse – Charge: DUI – Village of Grayslake v. M.D.

Defendant charged with DUI after being stopped by officers at 1:53 a.m. after blowing through a red light and making an illegal U-Turn. The Defendant refused a breathalyzer test after his arrest for DUI. Mr. LaScola took this case to a bench trial, and cross-examined the arresting officer’s administration of the Standardized Field sobriety tests. Mr. LaScola’s cross-examination of the Officer (particulary with respect to the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test) and closing arguments showed that the Village’s burden of proof had not been met. This resulted in a Finding of NOT GUILTY on the DUI. The client received Court Supervision of the red light violation and was only ordered to attend a traffic safety course.

July 2011 – DuPage County Main Criminal Courthouse – Charge: DUI – Village of Glen Ellyn v. C.S.

Defendant, a successful businessman, charged with DUI. Our client travelled regularly to Canada for both business and for annual family fishing trips. The U.S. Canadian border patrol agents stiffened regulations (in recent years) for admission from the United States into Canada for those with serious traffic offenses, including summary suspensions related to DUI arrests. With mitigation letters and persuasive negotiations, Mr. LaScola fashioned a plea deal that removed the summary suspension entirely and had the DUI reduced to a Class B speeding ticket with Court Supervision and fines only. The client’s suspension was removed entirely, and no trace of DUI remained on his record. Defendant regularly travels to Canada both for business and pleasure and he returned to life as normal without the complications of a criminal record.

February 2012 – Lake County Criminal Court – Charge: Felony DUI (4th DUI) – People v. J.C.
Defendant, a father of two young children and business-owner, had an unfortunate history that involved three prior DUI convictions, and at least five prior DUI arrests. He was facing a mandatory 3 to 7 year penitentiary sentence. His performance on the field sobriety tests was extremely poor and had little chance of success at trial. After lengthy negotiations with the State, Mr. LaScola secured probation for this Defendant so he never spent a single day in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Had he gone to jail, our client would have lost his business and not seen his young children for at least a year. Our client maintained his job, his marriage, and was able to continue earning for his family.

April 2012 – Second Municipal District Courthouse (Cook County) – Charge DUI – People v. S.E.

Defendant, while travelling on I-94 struck another vehicle and was found by the State Police Troopers on the shoulder of the expressway with the other motorist. Defendant was reported to have an unsteady walk, slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol on her breath, and admitted to driving and causing the accident. The State Trooper had video equipment in her squad that had malfunctioned. Before the case was taken to trial, Mr. LaScola went to hearing in an effort to remove the suspension of our client’s license, pointing out a timing error on official documents prepared by the Trooper. Capitalizing on this mistake, the summary suspension of the clients driving privileges was rescinded. Before trial, Mr. LaScola kept the audio and compromised video portion of the tape from being introduced by the State. Ultimately, Mr. LaScola cross-examined the Trooper and achieved success at trial. Our client’s suspension was lifted, her license valid again, and she was found NOT GUILTY on all counts alleged against her.

October 2012 – Fourth Municpal District Courthouse (Cook County) – Charge: DUI – People v. L.B.

Defendant, who was on Court Supervision in DuPage County, was arrested for DUI in Westchester. The prosecutors in DuPage county quickly filed a petition to revoke the Court Supervision. Mr. LaScola appeared for the client in DuPage and convinced the Court to continue the matter and withhold judgment until after a trial date could be heard on the Westchester DUI. Martin set the case for trial and the Fourth District Court in Maywood granted Mr. LaScola’s Motion For a Directed Finding. Defendant was then found NOT GUILTY of the DUI and the other traffic tickets as well. Upon return to DuPage County, the Court learned that our client was found NOT GUILTY on the charge that caused the violation of his sentence. The Court in DuPage kept our client’s original sentence intact and prevented a misdemeanor conviction!

May 2010 – 555 W. Harrison (Branch 63 – Cook County Domestic Violence Court) – Charge: Domestic Battery –People v. C.F.

Defendant was charged with Domestic Battery and Criminal Damage to Property. Defendant was accused of destroying a cellular phone owned by his girlfriend and pushing her down a stairwell during a domestic dispute. At trial, the alleged victim testified to a story riddled with inconsistency. Mr. LaScola capitalized on these testimonial errors, ultimately diffusing the State’s case. The female judge presiding found our client NOT GUILTY on all charges alleged against him. Also, the Order of Protection being sought against him was DENIED leaving our client with a clean criminal record!